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Western Display Fireworks was founded by Mickey and Dorothy Weygandt in 1948. They were farmers in the Canby area who grew herbs that they exported to China. One year their Chinese customers were experiencing financial difficulties and were not able to pay in cash and instead offered a trade of fireworks. Always the entrepreneur, Mickey accepted the trade and soon discovered that there was more financial opportunity in selling fireworks than in farming. These series of events was the origination of Western Display Fireworks.

The company grew and was eventually run by the next generation, Lance and Pat White. Their passion for the business took them throughout the world, building lifelong friendships with their international and domestic suppliers. Following the tradition of the business being passed down through the women of the family in 1984 Bob and Judi Gobet took the helm. Under their direction they relocated the business to a beautiful 150 acre property outside of Canby and the business grew dramatically. Building on the many long term relationships formed by previous generations they expanded the business to what is now the largest aerial display fireworks company in the Northwest. Western display now produces over 300 shows annually including the largest in the region.